Morrison Hotel

The Doors
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Roadhouse Blues    
Waiting for the Sun Lyrics Buy
You Make Me Real    
Peace Frog    
Blue Sunday    
Ship of Fools    
Land Ho!    
The Spy    
Queen of the Highway    
Indian Summer    
Maggie M’Gill    
Talking Blues    
Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69, takes 1-3)    
Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69, take 6)    
Carol (11/4/69)    
Roadhouse Blues (11/5/69, take 1)    
Money Beats Soul (11/5/69)    
Roadhouse Blues (11/5/69, takes 13-15)    
Peace Frog (false starts & dialogue)    
The Spy (version 2)    
Queen of the Highway (jazz version)    

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