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Cheap Trick
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Hello There    
ELO Kiddies (single version)    
Hot Love    
Oh, Candy (single version)    
Lovin’ Money    
I Want You to Want Me (alternate version)    
Southern Girls (single version)    
So Good to See You    
Down on the Bay (live)    
Please, Mrs. Henry (live)    
Violins (live)    
Ballad of TV Violence (live alternate version)    
You’re All Talk (live)    
Fan Club (demo)    
High Roller (alternate version)    
On Top of the World    
Auf Wiedersehen    
I Want You to Want Me (live) Lyrics Buy
Clock Strikes Ten (live)    
Dream Police    
Way of the World    
Gonna Raise Hell    
Stop This Game    
Just Got Back    
Baby Loves to Rock    
Everything Works If You Let It (alternate version)    
World’s Greatest Lover (demo)    
Waitin’ for the Man / Heroin (live)    
World’s Greatest Lover    
I Need Love    
I’m the Man    
Born to Raise Hell    
Ohm Sweet Ohm    
She’s Tight    
Love’s Got a Hold on Me    
If You Want My Love (Alternate)    
Lookin’ Out for Number One    
Don’t Make Our Love a Crime    
All I Really Want    
I Can’t Take It    
Twisted Heart    
Invaders of the Heart    
Y O Y O Y O Y    

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