25 Years: 1968-1993

Climax Blues Band
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Don't Start Me Talking    
Wee Baby Blues    
Hey Baby Everything's Gonna Be Alright    
Louisiana Blues    
That's All    
Shoot Her If She Runs    
Rich Man    
Mole on the Dole    
Standing by a River    
Let's Work Together    
Losing the Humbles    
Shopping Bag People    
Running Out of Time    
Mighty Fire    
Together and Free    
Couldn't Get It Right    
Watcha Feel    
Like a Movie    
Children of the Nighttime    
Gotta Have More Love    
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Cutting Up Rough    
The Last Chance Saloon    
Friends in High Places    
Listen to the Night    
The Movie Queen    
California Sunshine    
Ordinary People    
Fool for the Bright Lights    
Don't Start Me Talking (live)