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I Guess That’s Why He’s A Backup QB

by Nick Vitrano

Plenty of rabid football fans opt out of preseason broadcasts…or at least don’t edge-of-their-seats partake in the preseason broadcast.  If you miss something, there’s no real reason to rewind the DVR.  Snacks, bathroom breaks, telephone calls…feel free to engage in these at any time during the game.  And as far as the game itself, don’t sweat the second half, for the most part.   What I’m trying to say is that it’s tough enough to get solid football fans to watch their own team in the preseason, much less other teams.  So, plenty of folks today are still here with the Pam Oliver hit in the face with football video from last weekend: “What happened?”  Well, here you go:

You’ve gotta admire how all parties handled it.  Well played, everybody.