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The Bucks get stung again.

by Jon Henseler

I mean at some point you've just got to feel for the Bucks. Coming off of another irrelevant season they make a ton of irrelevant moves to make sure they stay in a state of perpetual irrelevance and what happens when they try to welcome their new retread/irrelevant coach? The venue they hold it that is owned by a guy who was just suspended for the rest of the baseball season for PED use and is becoming a social pariah. It's so Bucks it hurts. 

Also as a side note, I give it until spring before the Graffito reopens with a new name. I've eaten there once and while the food was okay it was wildly overpriced. I guess those testosterone throat lozenges don't pay for themselves! But I'm pretty sure the only reason anyone went there was to support the hometown ballplayer with the long contract. Plus the bulk of the menu was Italian food and at best I'd give it a 6/10. It's no Olive Garden that's for sure. So unless Braun starts repairing his image STAT, my guess is even Jon Taffer can't rescue that joint.

PS: Larry Drew on the day of his welcoming party: