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Can't get enough of this video of the Crew scoring 3 runs on a wild pitch.

by Jon Henseler

I know this is old at this point but I feel like this is probably my only opportunity to throw a video on the blog of the Brewers scoring 3 runs on a single wild pitch. I suppose I could have thrown it up right away on Saturday when it happened and have it be topical but I'm a Monday-Thursday and every other Friday blogger. Plus when you think 'Strange Brew' I'm not sure 'topical' is the next word to pop in your head anyway. Based on the references and metaphors used here you'd be pretty safe in assuming that the last movie I saw was Fight Club and the last time I was outside was 2004 (not wholly inaccurate).

In any case this is just another reason why you can't help but feel like it's our year. Some straight up Bad News Bears defense from Colorado. This will easily be the #1 play on Not Top 10 for weeks on end. Not sure it will challenge Butt Fumble but what can really. Pretty sure there's a 30 for 30 being made on Butt Fumble. Either way this is certainly one of the more ridiculous plays I've seen in a long, long time. And to top it all off it helped the Crew get a 3 game sweep in Colorado for the first time in a decade. Amazing considering the offense the Rockies have and the fact that they basically play on the moon the way balls fly out of that stadium. Just absurd the way can-o-corn fly balls end up in the bleachers. But the Brewers weather it all and sit at 47-30; 27-15 on the road and only a half game behind the A's for the best record in baseball.

PS: Somebody get a case of Tom Emanski tapes to Colorado STAT!