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What Not to Get Dad for Father's Day

by Joe Cassady

This list was voted by fathers as “The Top 10 Worst Father’s Day Gifts”.

1. Hand-Written Coupons

Need I say more?

2. Picture of You

He gets to see you every day.

3. "World's Greatest Dad" paraphernalia

Save it for the message in your card.

4. A Cheeky Tee

Ask yourself if you would be embarrassed to be seen with him if he actually wore this shirt.

5.A Tie

Too cliché as the worst gift, yet people keep on giving them. It's like an inside joke that no one gets.

6. A Man Bag

Remember how hard he laughed during The Hangover when Zach Galifianakas wore one? That's because he doesn't have to.

7. Running Socks

If you didn't want them as a kid for Christmas, he doesn't want them as an adult for Father's Day … or ever!

8. Underwear


9. Useless Gadgets

If the gadget is more complicated than the task at hand, chances are it won't be worth the time it takes to get it out from the depths of his cabinet.

10. Joke Gifts That Will Get Thrown Away

$20 for a 10 second chuckle doesn't say “I love you.” It says, “I wanted to amuse myself. You came second.”

Happy Father's Day!

Smokin' Joe