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The 54th Annual Howell Melon Festival

by Joe Cassady

I checked out the Howell Melon Festival over the weekend. This was a really great event in the lovely Michigan town of Howell which is about 40 miles southeast of Lansing. I was very impressed by the organization of the local vendors and the performances of the entertainers. The food was delicious, especially the Howell Melons!

There were a lot of talented people at the Howell Melon Festival. Check out this sandcastle. I have a feeling this Santa doesn't live at the North Pole.

The Howell Melon is a cantaloupe hybrid claimed to be found only in the area surrounding Howell, Michigan.

The man who created the carving above is none other than the Lord of the Gourd, Pat "Smoker" Harrison. I'm liking the "Smoker" handle very much!

Of course, I ran into other characters as I walked along Grand River Ave - a Bearded Dragon.

I would have to say my favorite event was the Ultimate Air Dogs. Check out the video below.

Thank you to the citizens of Howell, Michigan. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated!

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