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Night Action Photography!!

by Dave Kallaway

Got the gig to be the photographer for the Badger State Winter Games. It's 3 weekends of competition in 14 sports..like downhill and nordic skiing, archery, pond hockey, and this...snowboarding! They actually make a little mountain to do this event in downtown Wausau! The trick to taking cool pics..I think..is shooting a lot of pics and using flash. Action is fast..it's nighttime..so the challenge is getting the right shutter speed and making the subject bright enough to have a good picture. I used a flash way up on a stand so that it wouldn't be pointed directly into the snowboarders eyes. I cranked up my ISO settings to 1600 to 3200. I switch up the settings and try a lot of different pics because as you pan across with the snowboarder..the light changes on the subject. Once you find the sweet spot..shoot like crazy. Then get home and get warm!! LOL