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Dude Removes Wild Owl From House Using Only A Swiffer

by Jeff Frieders

At first, I only saw the 'after' video (the second one posted on this page) and was amazed at how calm the dude was when removing the owl from his house.

Now seeing the first video, it appears this was not always the case.

YouTube Description: Owl In My House - Look at what the cat drug into the house! I found out through this video, I scream. Not just scream, but borderline hysterics.

WARNING: This video contains an 'S-H-bomb.'

I don't blame him though. I would have had the exact same reaction. Actually, I probably would have just abandoned the house all together and looked for a new place to live. Heh.

Not the self-proclaimed 'Owl Whisperer' though, he stared the beast right in the face and subdued the winged-destroyer.

YouTube Description: The Owl Whisperer - After 40 minutes of hysterics, it did neither of us good. We finally compromised and I was able to get him (or her) out using a Swiffer. The Owl Whisperer - Swifferer?

New selling point for the Swiffer? :)