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Weight Gain in Pregnancy

by Nikki Montgomery

Gaining weight while pregnant isn't an issue for most women. When a woman is pregnant with a single baby the suggested weight gain for a woman of average weight is 25-35 pounds. Which is what I was told before finding out there are twins in this belly. Now they tell me I should gain between 45 and 54 pounds. 

Between my 8 and 12 week appointment I gained 2 pounds, between 12 and 16 weeks I didn't gain anything at all. I blamed it on being sick for one weekend, but it turns out it was because I was carrying twins and didn't know it so I wasn't eating enough calories for two babies. That explains why I was so tired even in the 2nd trimester, because baby B was stealing calories that I needed to function. Between weeks 16 and 20 I started catching up a bit with a big jump gaining 7 pounds. I guess I was trying to make up for the pounds I missed out on the month before. But 9 pounds overall is still less than the 15 pounds I should have been up at the halfway point carrying twins. 

When I was pregnant with Mia I did pretty well on the weight gain. I gained steadily and ended up gaining 24 pounds overall. This time it's much harder because I am supposed to eat 300 more calories per day per baby than I would eat to keep myself going. My doctor suggests eating 6 small meals spread out throughout the day. Small meals is all I can handle right now anyway because my stomach is being squished by two babies so there isn't much room for food. Unfortunately I have a hard time fitting in those additional meals. I eat breakfast every morning before work either a bowl of cereal or some cinnamon raisin toast. I'm so busy with meetings all morning at work that I rarely get a snack then I eat lunch. In the afternoon I try to snack that is if I'm not too tired. Then at dinner I eat about half as much as I did before. A snack later in the evening usually doesn't happen because it's bath and bedtime for Mia and shortly after for me just so I can get 6 hours of sleep. 

The answer is not eating higher calorie foods it's figuring out how I can fit in quick healthy snacks at convenient times. So I looked up some tips:

  • Swap green salads for pasta salads made with whole grain pasta with Italian dressing and vegetables.
  • Swap vegetables like broccoli with higher calorie ones like olives and avacado
  • On the go grab a handful of nuts
  • While relaxing (which I'm supposed to do a lot of) grab a handful of baked tortilla chips with guacamole or pita chips and hummus
  • For a mid morning snack try a bagel with peanut butter
  • If eating really isn't going to fit in a busy schedule grab a smoothie
Eating more shouldn't be a chore, but it certainly takes a little planning so I just need to make sure I make a good grocery list and have lots of quick easy healthy snacks to get me through this 3rd trimester. Welcome week 25!
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