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Ultrasound update

by Nikki Montgomery

This afternoon we had another ultrasound to check on the babies' growth. We'll be having ultrasounds often to keep track of how the twins are growing like I mentioned in an earlier blog. 

These ultrasounds will be much shorter than the initial ultrasound which was 2 hours. Today's took about an hour. In the ultrasound they measure babies' heart rates and weight. Today Twin A had a heart rate of 140 and weighs approximately 2lb 2oz. Twin B's heart rate was 158 (she was the active one today) and weighs about 1lb 12oz. So they're pretty close in size and growing very well. Each baby weighs pretty close to what a single baby should weigh at this point. Even though my weight gain is low it's nice to see the twins are growing so well.

During the appointment today I was on my back a majority of the time and near the end of the appointment I began feeling a bit nauseous then felt very flushed and felt as though I may pass out. I rolled onto my side and felt a little better, but once I got to sit in a chair and have some water I felt much better. I think one or both of the babies must have been laying on a nerve to cause that. No fun!

No worries I'm fine now. I had a friend though that had a problem with passing out with her first pregnancy. So I know it's not that uncommon.

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