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Mothers of twins may live longer

by Nikki Montgomery

A study published in the journal of Proceedings of the Royal Society B took a close look at women in the 1800s Utah, and found that women who had twins lived longer because they were very strong and healthy. The study only focused on women who had twins naturally since there was no such thing as IVF in those days. 

The chances of dying during child birth were so much higher and the chances of losing a newborn was also higher so if a woman and both babies survived it was pretty obvious that she was healthier and stronger than those who didn't make it. 

After carrying a singleton and twins I can say from personal experience it is much harder to carry two babies than it is to carry one. Even these days with all of the medical advances many twins are born early and there is still a higher chance of complications that could cause the mother to die. There was recently a female police officer who died from complications of a twin birth. 

Because there are so many complications and risks of babies being born too soon some doctors and scientists are trying to make it illegal to implant more than one fertilized egg at a time during IVF. 

I was pretty proud of myself and even my doctor told me he was proud of me for making it 38 weeks with my twins and maintaining a healthy blood pressure while working full time up until I delivered. I worked the day I had the twins. My twins were born at very healthy weights...big for twins actually and that's pretty impressive too. Does this mean that I'm stronger and healthier than the mom that delivered her twins at 30 weeks? I don't know, but I do know that the last trimester was harder to muddle through than the first two trimesters and harder than the last trimester of my singleton pregnancy.

I have a feeling I will live a long life because of the choices I've made to live a healthy lifestyle and because longevity runs in my family. My grandmother is going to be 97 and she is very healthy. I'm not sure that having twins necessarily has anything to do with it. 

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