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Central WI Children's Museum

by Nikki Montgomery

On National Best Friends Day my best friend Felicia and I decided to take my daughter Mia to the Central WI Children's Museum in Stevens Point. We had a blast! Mia was running all over the place running around playing with everything. She loved the little newsroom area they had set up sponsored by our friends at NewsChannel 7. She sat at the news desk and moved all the magnets around the weather map, but her favorite part was the camera. They had a camera set up with a monitor on each side so she could see in the monitor everything that the camera was picking up. She positioned Felicia and I where she could see us in the camera shot then she's turn the camera all around until she found us again and she'd yell, "Mom!" and point at the screen. It was so cute. 

There is a play area with big toys in the back that she loved too. She wanted to go down the big slide so I held her hands and Felicia caught her at the bottom. She thought it was pretty great. She did that a few more times until she discovered there was a smaller slide that she could climb up on her own and slide down by herself. The first time she slid down by herself she was so excited when she got to the bottom she clapped and started yelling and ran around in a big circle then climbed up the slide to do it again. It was so funny. 

Felicia and I had such a great time watching Mia play. The nice thing about the Central WI Children's Museum is that it's big enough to give the kids lots to do to burn off some energy, but it's not too big that the kid is going to get too tired to finish it. And it's not an all day thing.