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Face Painting Fun

by David Kuharski

I have to admit--I can be a holiday curmudgeon.  But this past weekend as my family was out and about we discovered an open house, Halloween event.  As we were poking around and shopping, the kiddos went over and got their faces painted.  Then they showed off their Frankenstein and Kitty Cat faces!  They also asked what Daddy was dressing up as? Er uh-- hmmm... lemme think about that.  Do you dress up for Halloween?  I applaud parents who join in with their kiddos and dress up.  WTG!  (BTW, that face paint was a bear to wash off--we were explaining cat whiskers and blackened eye brows the next day--OK OK... enough, holiday curmudgeon-- i'll stop--- AND HOLY COW, how much are these costumes?  YIKES!  I hope they play with them the rest of the year... What's that-- oh yeah, oops... really, I'm done)