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Allowing for Allowance

by David Kuharski

My oldest son, Caleb, earns an allowance every week.  It's a flat rate amount which can be lost if he has behavior or other issues.  Sometimes we bump the rate up if he's tackled especially hard or messy tasks.  So, over the weekend our 2nd oldest asks for an allowance.  Julie and I respond that we're open to talking about chores that he can perform for an allowance.  See, Keith heard Caleb talking about how he was going to spend his allowance.  And like all little brothers, Keith wanted a piece of the action too!  Following our response to his request, Caleb chimes in 'So, if he's getting an allowance, does that mean that mine will be less?' 

In the moment I had fun with my oldest boy.  Taking a page out of city hall, I explained that if Keith submits a lower bid for say--trash duty--then I may have to go with him because his services will save us money!  Caleb didn't like that. 

But, this also led to a discussion about taxes and how government works--good and bad!  

Julie and I are trying to teach Caleb the power of his hard earned dollar