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A Must Read As Your Parents Age

by Mark Evans

My good friend Jim back in Michigan recently lost his Mother due to complications from age and Alzheimer's.  I knew she been afflicted with this horrible disease; but until I read Jim's book about his experiences - I know now I had no idea.

Jim is a writer by trade, and his insight - memories - thoughts - observations and more are a moving tale on how Alzheimer's works and what can be done by those around the person who is suffering from the disease.  Yes, knowing Jim personally I'm sure made a bit of a difference in how I read the book; but I think anyone who reads it will learn a few things about themselves.

It made me realize that being called a "Mama's Boy" is the greatest compliment any Man can receive.

The book is called "Hi Mom.  It's Me" and it's $10.00 on Amazon with a portion of the proceeds going to Alzheimer's research.