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Knock On Wood!

by Katie Schurk

After almost seven months it has finally happened.  Brody has slept through the night- and really slept through the night!  We put him down at 8 and he woke up at almost 7.  We have had nights where he wakes up at 5:30 and goes back down for another hour or so.  We have had nights where he gets up at 11 and sleeps until 7:30, and we have had the lovely 3 am wake ups.  So knock on wood, I think we may have turned a corner.  But I am confident that I just jinxed myself by writing this post :)  As much as I hate getting up in the middle of the night, I kind of miss that one on one quiet time with him.  Especially since I don't get home from work on Thursday nights until his bedtime.  So Brody- let's make a deal.  You can sleep through the night every night but Thursdays.  And if you could wake up around let's say 10 pm so I can spend some extra time with you- that would be great.  Thanks :)

                              Our Little Packer Backer is turning into a Big Boy!