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20 Things you did as a kid your child will never do...

by Charli McKenzie

1. Call your parents from a payphone to pick you up.
2. Rent a VHS tape from a video store.
3. Stick a copper penny into the gumball machine.
4. Eat all of your Halloween candy.
5. Shoot marbles.
6. Write in cursive.
7. Make a mix tape for someone you have a crush on.
8. Use an encyclopedia for a report.
9. Write on a typewriter.
10. Dial a number on a rotary phone.
11. Play in the street.
12. Drink water from a garden hose.
13. Take a scantron test.
14. Take photos with a film camera.
15. Fall asleep in the trunk of a station wagon.
16. Roam the neighborhood with your pack of local kids.
17. Ride a bike without a helmet.
18. Play darts in the basement.
19. Listen to music on a record player.
20. Play on “dangerous” playground equipment.