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The Sound of Carrie

by Robb Reel

Carrie Underwood says won't try to "top" Dame Julie Andrews when she hits live TV for an adaptation of The Sound of Music.  Carrie says she wants to put her own spin on the role of Maria von Trapp during the Dec. 5 telecast.  With the producers of the NBC series Smash behind it, this version will not suffer from a lack of care, effort or money put into it.


As much as I love Carrie's singing -- she is one of "My Favorite Things -- her acting efforts have left me wanting.  Her guest spot on How I Met Your Mother was, at best, pedestrian.  She was positively wooden as a therapist in Soul Surfer but, to be honest, that entire film is just dreadful.  Here's to hoping the third time is the charm for this musical enchantress.

Otherwise, we could be asking, "How do you solve a problem like Carrie?"

[Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni]