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When Is It Time To Go From Long Hair To Short?!

by Abby
So I have long hair, it almost reaches the bottom of my back, and I would love to have a cute, short haircut, but it took so long to get my hair to this length that I am too afraid to do it! I've always said though that when I become a mom someday, I'll cut it so that it isn't a bother to me. My hair requires quite a bit of maintenance, and when I'm taking care of my kids, I'll just want to throw it up in a short pony. :) I found a survey of why women usually chop off their hair and it looks like about 20% of women blame coloring for having poor hair, so they chop it off. Twenty percent of women would rather have younger looking hair than skin and 33% of women dread cutting their hair and having it look "old fashioned". Let me tell you, after almost 8 years of having hair this long, I can't wait until I get brave enough to chop it off!