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The Real Skinny on Chicken Breasts

by Mike DuBord

The other day, I shared a story about "on sale" chicken breasts and how you should run for the hills when you see the infamous sign that reads, "4 package limit per customer". I was on my way home from work, knowing that I had to prepare dinner and thought I'd stop at the nearest convenience store instead of my usual grocery store, where I found boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.78 a pound. BIG MISTAKE!

Well, now I'm getting countless messages from people asking why? Look, we all know that food is a sustenance that our bodies obviously need to survive. But for me, food is so much more than that. Whether you're preparing a meal at home for the family, a back yard BBQ for friends or co-workers or going out to a nice restaurant, food should be a celebration. It literally blows my mind when I think of the thousands of possibilities when planning a nice meal. Whether it's a simple burger on the grill or a beautiful dish of Chicken Marsala, I actually get excited deciding which recipe I'm going to create next. 

The grocery store in my neighborhood is a Festival Foods. It is my absolute favorite place to shop for groceries. So much so, that when I walk through the front doors, I feel like a 7 year old kid arriving at the county fair. Incredibly fresh produce, a deli that spans halfway across the store, and the finest meat department with THE BEST BONELESS SKINLESS CHICKEN BREASTS ON THE PLANET! They're called "Dad's Chicken Breasts" and they come in several varieties like Honey BBQ, Buffalo, Plain and more. Why are these the best breasts on the planet? These breasts are Golden Plump, Perdue  and Gerber Amish Chickens which are raised on a vegetarian diet (Corn and Soybeans), with no growth hormones, no antibiotics or additives, no arsenic, no gluten, no saltwater and no by-products and they have a free roam policy within temperature controlled houses and abide by safe housing practices.

Does that make a difference? YOU BET! Let's face it, chicken is probably the meat we serve most on our dinner tables and with the countless number of different ways to prepare it, it's no wonder. These Dads's Chicken Breasts usually run $3.49 a pound but are frequently on sale. I can honestly say that I've NEVER been disappointed with these chicken breasts. They're plump and juicy and no matter what type of chicken dish you're about to prepare, these breasts are a NO FAIL!

So, the next time you want to prepare an incredible dish to celebrate the sustenance that Mother Earth provides, will it be frozen chicken that's packed with hormones, antibiotics, additives, gluten and other by-products?   NO WAY!!!   I'll GLADLY spend $3.49 a pound to serve my family the BEST chicken dish that nature can provide. To quote my wife..."There's nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around the kitchen.".  SOLD!