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February Beatles Blog # 8

by David Louis

The Beatles Live at Carnegie Hall tonight.

If you go looking for reasons The Beatles would give up touring in a couple of years, look no further than the two shows they performed at Carnegie Hall on this night in 1964. For musicians, playing at Carnegie Hall sounded great. For The Beatles, that feeling went away soon after they arrived.

They played two 35 minute shows, which George Martin had permission to record. The American Musicians union, however put an end to that. The Beatles sure didn't mind as they thought the acoustics were terrible.

The odd part of the Carnegie Hall shows is how they were set up. Fans were allowed to sit on stage in addition to the normal seating creating a zoo like surrounding. If that weren't bad enough, John Lennon described the scene as a circus with people pawing at you and grabbing you.

The evening ended on a high note at a coffee house in Greenwich Village.  Stella Stevens, Tuesday Weld and Jill Hayworth were on hand to part with some Beatles. Not a bad end to the day! Things look up for the next leg of their first American visit. Next stop: Miami.