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February Beatles Blog # 5 Arrival

by David Louis

                       Hello, Capitol Records ... The Beatles Are coming.....

Friday, February 7th 1964

*The Invasion Begins

*Two days from Ed Sullivan Show

Pan Am flight 101 left London Airport early on the morning of February 7th. The pilot says to tell the boys there's a big crowd waiting for them. They had no idea how big. They land at 1:20 in the afternoon to thousands of screaming fans, hoards of press, and security. Pandemonium. We've all seen the photos and read just about everybody's take on the events of February 7th, 1964. But to this day, it still makes me a little giddy. It was pretty much my second memory and helped me partially erase my first. It was a healthy dose of excitement to most and at least a needed distraction for the rest. Love em' or hate em, The Beatles had arrived. 

I think it's funny that even after the press conference, at least to the press, The Beatles had to say their names while they were standing at the microphones. Within a couple of days most everyone knew who they were.

Their trip to the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan mirrored the scenes at the airport, with hundreds of adoring fans and what I think is an added  mystique of police on horseback.

The next day and a half was filled with radio interviews and rehearsals for The Ed Sullivan Show. We'll recap that show on Monday's Beatles Blog. Don't forget Sunday night's broadcast on CBS. The two hour show, ‘The Night That Changed America,’ airs at the exact time of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles legendary performance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show. Pretty cool. It's still fun to treat yourself to their first press conference on American soil.