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February Beatles Blog #4

by David Louis

Thursday, February 6th 1964

*One day from leaving for America

*Three days from Ed Sullivan Show

British reporter  June Harris interviewed John Lennon & George on this night before their tip to America. They were more at ease having heard “I Want To Hold Your Hand” hit Number One. The Beatles (Paul) mentioned that they wouldn't want to make the trip without a hit.

After paying their dues for years in tough clubs and terrible playing conditions The Beatles had absolutely no fear of playing in America. No fear now that they had a hit album racing up the charts.

In the interview, John mentions the lack of time to do much of anything although he was really excited to buy stacks of records. It's hard to believe, in this day in age, with the amount of fame they were enjoying in Europe that they couldn't get their hands on just about ANY record they wanted. Especially with Brian Epstein in charge.

George was asked if they were concerned about any problems they may face and he mentioned that they foresaw no problems as far as their equipment, being promised everything they need would be provided.

As it turns out, Ringo did not have everything he needed here. In fact when you look back at the rehearsal for the first Ed Sullivan appearance, you’ll notice Ringo’s bass drum is missing something big. Their logo! Check the history of Ringo’s drum heads HERE.

Tomorrow: They Arrive.