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February Beatles Blog # 14

by David Louis

A Day In The Life of The Beatles: February 20th, 1963

If you're not a big Beatles historian and you've ever wondered how this little group from Liverpool made such a huge impact on America and the world a year later, in 1964. They did it the old fashioned way. Hard work.

Here's how The Beatles filled their time on this day in 1963.

Their grueling day actually started the night before on a 160 mile road trip from Liverpool to London to sing two songs on a radio show called "Parade of the Pops". They sang for 4 minutes and then headed back. They traveled 320 miles for 4 minutes of radio time! Then it was off to a photo shoot before getting ready for that night's 8 pm show at a different kind of venue.

The Beatles' performed a one - time show at a place called The Swimming Baths in Doncaster, Yorkshire. It was an odd place for a rock show known more for their big swimming pool and Turkish baths.

Swim And Shout!