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The Freddie Mercury Gorilla Sculpture

by Mark Cartwright

Somewhere in Norwich, England is an artist - so to speak - named Mik Richardson.  At some point he, or she, had a moment of clarity, or maybe the mushrooms kicked in.  The result was a huge statue of a gorilla - or Queen's lead singer, Freddie Mercury - or really a cross between the two.  It's a gorilla wearing one of Freddie's signature stage outfits, with buck teeth and Freddie's big black mustache.  I'll be honest:  It's really unflattering to Freddie, and I can see why it's ruffled a few feathers.  So Queen's manager Jim breach figured out a way to get it removed.  He claimed the outfit the gorilla is wearing breached their copyright.  Click here to see the Freddie Mercury Gorilla.