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New Pink Floyd Album Not Really New

by Mark Cartwright

There is a new Pink Floyd album on the horizon, "The Endless River" is to be released this October. In my opinion, Pink Floyd feels less and less Pink Floyd-ish with every release, so let's hope this one has some shiny moments. The new album is really not new. It's leftover ambient music from some early '90s sessions, to which they've finally added vocals, and hammered into something releasable. I wasn't a fan of most of The Division Bell. It was too... too.. pop mainstream for me. I didn't feel the gritty emotional edges that previous albums had, which dug in and held me from song to song, like the tracks from The Final Cut did. Maybe David Gilmour was just looking to do something a little less heavy to the Pink Floyd cd pile. His guitar playing certainly doesn't disappoint on the album. It's pure Gilmour on the solo front. It was just a bit fluffy for my taste. On that note, I'd like to provide you with some of David's finer work.