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McVie to Appear With Fleetwood Mac

by Mark Cartwright

Singer/Songwriter/keyboardist Christine McVie is indeed reuniting with Fleetwood Mac... sort of...  . Speaking to BBC Radio, Stevie Nicks announced the news, saying, “She is going to come and do a song on the second two shows. I think it will probably be ‘Don’t Stop.’ I don’t know, but she’s coming to Ireland to rehearse with us.” McVie retired from Fleetwood Mac, and has been living a peaceful life in the countryside since 1998.  But...Where there's a spark there could be a flame.  Perhaps the band is taking baby steps to get her back to doing a full tour?  Step one:  Get her to rehearsals first.  Step two:  Get her on stage, so she gets the stage bug again.  Step Three:  Get her to do a whole show!  Maybe wishful thinking, but I would pay to see that show.

Photo By Warner Bros. Records (Billboard, page 85, 14 May 1977) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons