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Loverboy Rocks at Ribfest Again

by Mark Cartwright

Mike Reno's voice is one of power. Though soft spoken with an easy going personality, as soon as the music kicks in, so does the power. Loverboy headlined the Canadian Invasion night of the Sioux Falls Ribfest, and an appreciative crowd was more than happy to suck it all in. With the exception of their bass player, Loverboy is all original, and the years of touring and live shows, along with their friendship, makes for an incredibly tight band. When it was time for the high notes of his younger days, Reno rarely backed off. Whereas many singers cheat, and let the crowd take all the high parts, Reno only did so, playfully, when the crowd would have done so anyway, without his cue. It's great to see someone with that amount of miles on their vocal chords go after and hit it. Loverboy delivered last night.