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John Lennon's coat sells for $31k... But is it really?

by Mark Cartwright

I'm always amazed at the skyrocketing price of Beatles memorabilia. Well, here's the latest chapter: A blue British fireman coat once supposedly owned by John Lennon sold at auction for $31,250.
One of the coat's previous owners, said it could be the coat Lennon is seen wearing on the back of the British release of Unfinished Music #2: Life with the Lions, which was a collection of avant-garde music John recorded with Yoko. The picture is in black and white, and shows John and Yoko being swarmed, following John's 1968 drug bust. Remember the guy who paid $33,000 for John's rotted tooth not too long ago? I think that was a better investment than this. DNA testing can prove the tooth is real. But in this case, one of the coat's previous owners (The coat WAS worn by other people other than John) said, it COULD be the coat he wore on the album. So there's a chance that this might NOT be John's coat at all, but someone still paid $31,000 for it? Amazing. Since the album photo is in black and white, are we even sure that the coat is blue?