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Honeymoon Suite a Great Surprise at Ribfest

by Mark Cartwright

Actually, I shouldn't be surprised. Honeymoon Suite was a great band in the 80s, so why shouldn't they be today? Of all the bands playing at Ribfest, Honeymoon Suite was the one I both wanted to hear, and wondered about the most. But my questions were quickly put to rest. I couldn't help but smile when guitarist Derry Grehan came out playing an 80's Kramer guitar, obviously modified with a special humbucker. His playing is terrific, and he had the best guitar tone of any of the bands. The vocals, including harmonies were powerful and tight, and by time "Feel it Again" came blasting out of the PA system, I had a big smile on my face. It was a great crowd at Ribfest, and they were treated to a wonderful lineup of music, especially Honeymoon Suite!