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Dentist Wants to Clone John Lennon From Rotten tooth

by Mark Cartwright

A couple years ago, a Canadian dentist named Michael Zuk won a molar at an auction.  Why buy a tooth at an auction? Well, supposedly, it belonged to John Lennon, and according to Zuk, he plans to extract DNA from the tooth and use it to clone Lennon.  Zuk says, “With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology could certainly make human cloning a reality.  "To potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock’s greatest stars would be mind-blowing.”  
There's all sorts of things wrong with this:  First of all, even if you COULD clone Lennon, you'd still have to make his life the exactly the same as it was before, in order for him to turn out as he did, meaning you'd have to clone his Aunt so she could raise him, clone his mother, then have her hit by a bus, send him off to seedy clubs in Hamburg for years, and of course clone George, and Brian Epstien. And by the time you have a Lennon in his twenties, McCartney and Ringo will be dead.  I say let the man rest in peace.  Plus, what if the technology is imperfect, and he comes back looking like a mammoth?