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I had Canaphobia REVIEW: Dale's Pale Ale

by Jay Morris

Since first discovering great beer in the early 1990's I have always had incredible case of canaphobia. "Great beers only come in bottles" I can't count how many times I have said that to friends over the years. Well I have been proven wrong! 

For the last year I have heard of great beers being made and put in cans, but I was  skeptical. In the past month beers from Oskar Blues Brewery from Colorado have become available in my area. I had to try one so. I bought a six pack of  Dales Pale Ale. I was hooked. After trying this hoppy Pale Ale I have been singing it's praises to anyone who will listen. I have also noted to those same people that I was so wrong about my canaphobia 

Dale's Pale Ale (6.5% ABV, and 65 IBUs) has won a tons of awards   and now I can see why. This hoppy Pale drinks like an IPA, taking your palate on an incredible ride. Well balanced, very easy to drink, and hoppy. For me it was a mind blowing combination. If you have canophobia?  You need give Dale's Pale Ale a try. Dale's Pale Ale is a great beer, that happens to come in a can.