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2014 Craft Beer Resolutions

by Jay Morris

Saw a great article today on The Street.com on Craft Beer resolutions for 2014. 

They have some really good ones, here are some thoughts on each of them that will help you enjoy craft beers even more in 2014: 

Try everything - This becomes imperative now. So many new beers to try, so many great beers to taste, it is so easy to settle into a rut and drink favorite beers all of the time. 

Look for deals - Increased competition has led to a buyers market. Most of the 6-packs where I am start at between $9.00 and $10.00. Often you can find great beers on sale under $8.50 per six pack. It is always a win/win when you can get a great craft beer, you've never had for under $8.50 a six pack. 

Keep your eyes open- Today almost every town you visit you have a chance to try some great local beer, or at a minimum something you can't get "back home". 

Ask Questions- I have found a few places in my hometown that not only want you to ask questions, they seem to enjoy talking about different beers. Those conversations usually lead me to some great beers.