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10 Healthy Beers

by Jay Morris

Found a great article today about the 10 healthiest beer for summer. The writer points out moderate beer drinking can lower the risk of heart disease, and hypertension because beer contains phenol.    Ales which typically have one of the highest phenol concentrations. They pack more heart-protecting powers than other beer varieties 

Yuengling Light Lager 

New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale

Abita Purple Haze 

Left Hand Good Juju 

Guinness Draught

Sam Adam’s Light Lager

New Belgium Blue Paddle 

Full Sail Session Lager 

Butte Creek Organic India Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

I have tried 3 beer on this list. 

Yuengling light lager is fantastic on a really hot day.

Guinness is great almost anytime, but for me tastes best in the winter. 

Sam Adam's is good (for a lager) but really not great. (If I were a lager fan I may rate this higher)

Sierra Nevada pale is one of my all time favorite beers. 

So I have 7 more to try. Drink to your health. What beer do you look forward to drinking in this summer?