Tim Barron Mornings V 2.0

  • Unpacking Your Rack!

    Posted by Aimee

    Aimee and Tim talked this morning about the ease or sometimes difficulty of unpacking ones' rack!  Good thing we now have an instruction manual!

  • Google Predicting Future, Ingham County Fair

    Posted by Tim Barron

    From Wired.com-CIA and Google predicting the future, check out the article.

    Ingham County Fair Day #2: $15 ride pass; $8 for adults and $5 for kids; tickets include access to the grandstand events

    Jamie Lee Curtis and her hand swoosh was a hot topic today-ACTIVIA!!

  • LAAN's Nancy English Stops by Tim Barron 2.0

    Posted by Tim Barron

    From Lansing Area Aids Network, (LAAN), Nancy English stopped by with Matt Halbert who is a case manager/Prevention Manager. Each case manager has 60-70 people that they work with.

    Visit their website for more information on their walk and organization by visiting their website