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  • 7 Oddly Natural Ways to Boost Your Health

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    Call them antiquated. Call them crazy. But science is finding that many natural practices - things humans used to do but gradually gave up as modern technology and urban living took hold - are actually good for us. These practices take advantage of our evolutionary design and help our bodies work the way they're supposed to. Sometimes you just can't improve on Mother Nature.

    1. Eating dirt 
    Most of us spend considerable time trying to eliminate dirt from our lives, but evidence suggests it might be time to rethink things. Dining on dirt and clay - geophagy - not only seems to soothe the stomach but may also eliminate bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins from the gut. Animals as well as people in tribal and rural societies (particularly pregnant women and young children) have been doing it since the dawn of time. In fact, dirt eating is culturally sanctioned and even encouraged in many parts of the world.



    2. Forest bathing 
    The Japanese term Shinrin-yoku may literally mean "forest bathing," but it doesn't involve soaking in a tub among the trees. Rather it refers to spending time in the woods for its therapeutic (or bathing) effect. Most of us have felt tension slip away in the midst of trees and nature's beauty. But science now confirms its healing influence on the body. When you spend a few hours on a woodland hike or camping by a lake you breathe in phytoncides, active substances released by plants to protect them against insects and from rotting, which appear to lower blood pressure and stress and boost your immune system.



    3. Barefoot walking/running 
    Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." That may be true in the modern world, but for most of history, humans did their conquering and everything else sans shoes. Which, according to some scientists, makes for healthier feet. In fact, more and more walkers and runners are kicking off their structured, cushioned athletic shoes and going barefoot to take better advantage of the foot's natural physiology and put less stress on their lower extremities and the rest of their bodies.



    4. Moon gardening 
    Good news for night owls with a green thumb. Planting a moon garden is good for your health and your soul. It's already well known that daytime gardening lowers stress and increases well-being. So it only makes sense that planting night-blooming flowers and foliage can help extend nature's curative powers around the clock. Plus, you get the added benefit of soaking up some moon rays (lunar therapy), which some health seekers believe is the key to beating everything from depression to cancer.


    5. Sea bathing 
    The term "thalassotherapy" was coined in ancient Greece by Hippocrates, a firm believer in the health benefits of bathing and swimming in seawater. The idea continues today. In fact, research shows that taking a dip in warm ocean waters can boost your immune system, activate your body's healing powers, improve circulation, hydrate dry skin and increase your sense of well being and relaxation. Time to catch a wave or two, perhaps, or indulge in some beach therapy.



    6. Standing at work 
    It's probably never crossed your mind, but that desk chair you park yourself in every day is a relatively recent invention - something pre-modern humans would probably find absurd. In fact, sitting too much at work or otherwise is now blamed for many current health maladies, including heart disease, obesity and type 2diabetes. Enter the standing desk, which allows you to work on your feet. According to some experts, standing on the job not only counteracts couch-potato illnesses but also alleviates back injuries and pain to boot. (And you don't have to invest in fancy furniture, as the resourceful computer user in this photo proves.)


    7. Ice swimming 
    Heat seekers and sun-worshipers may want to skip this one, but many people swear by the curative powers of diving into bone-chilling waters. In fact, ice-swimming advocates claim a brisk dip invigorates the immune system, wards off colds and flu, elevates your mood, improves circulation, and eliminates toxins from your body. Just be sure to get your doctor's go-ahead before taking the plunge if you have a heart condition or other serious health problems.

  • I'm gonna gain my weight back.

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    • Krispy Kreme announced today their US and Canada locations are launching a line of treats inspired by summer fair flavors, including Cotton Candy donuts, Caramel Apple Cake donuts, and a Cotton Candy Chiller


    One of the earnest joys of summer time is the fact that’s fair season. Ferris wheels, turkey legs, cotton candy, bacon, and pig races — all part of the experience, and now Krispy Kreme wants a piece of the thematics. Announced today, Krispy Kreme US and Canada locations are launching a line of treats inspired by summer fair flavors, including Cotton Candy donutsCaramel Apple Cake donuts, and a Cotton Candy Chiller.

    The Cotton Candy donut features an Original Glazed doughnut dipped in cotton candy sugar while the Caramel Apple Cake flavor features an apple flavored doughnut topped with a caramel icing.

    Also on the menu are two new drink offerings including the Cotton Candy Chiller, an icy beverage that notes flavors of raspberry and blueberry. A new Caramel Latte is also available, which features an espresso with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle served hot or on ice.

  • Caviar and Lobster Burgers!

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    • Wendy's Japan debuts new limited-time burger toppings including caviar and lobster

    • The burgers will run you about $16


    Bacon and cheese too old-hat for you? Wendy's has a solution: Its new burger toppings include caviar and lobster. Unfortunately, you'll have to head to Japan to sample the offerings, and you'll have to do it quickly—the burgers are part of a limited-time offer. They follow Wendy's re-entry into Japan in 2009, when the company debuted a burger with foie gras and truffle sauce; both burgers will run you about $16. Fast-food chains like the struggling Wendy's are increasingly looking for opportunities abroad, the Los Angeles Times notes.

  • 10 Hollywood folks who look like specific animals.

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    IN THE MURKY WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD, there are more than a few look-a-likes. Remember when Keira Knightly played Natalie Portman’s doppelganger in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and everyone was like, “What? Two Natalies?”

    Sometimes these celebrity faces are so pervasive in our everyday lives that their mugs start to float into our subconscious, bubbling up in other contexts until BOOM, you see the face of Tom Cruise in a photo of a rabid dog jumping on Oprah’s couch, or Drake in an animated dinosaur from a 1980s film series that you don’t really remember, but you know you cried when the mom died.

    With these mystical moments in mind, we threw together a gallery of celebrity-animal look-a-likes that run a little further than surface-deep. Mostly.

    1. Chris Bosh and the Ostrich

    Basketball players and ostriches have a couple of uncommon things in common. Both are unusually tall, with unparalleled speed and agility. Impossible to account for the expression Chris Bosh shares with this particular specimen, however.

    2. Cher and the Afghan Hound

    More than anyone else in pop — Lady Gaga being a rare exception — Cher is known for her shape-shifting ways. Constantly dogged by plastic surgery rumors (confirmed only by decades of agelessness), we like to imagine this is Cher’s weekend look. So pensive!

    3. Drake and Littlefoot

    LITTLE DRAKE LOOKS LIKE LITTLEFOOT! The sensitive nature that pervades Drake’s music make him the perfect soul cousin for the done-wrong but nonetheless good-doing animated Longneck.

    4. James Franco and the Sloth

    Hollywood’s most famous maybe-stoner finds more than an animal kingdom doppelganger in the sloth. It is unequivocally his spirit animal. It wouldn’t surprise us if future-Franco released an autobiography claiming to have existed as a sloth in a previous life. Samsara, man.

    5. Jay-Z and the Camel

    As legend would dictate, it’s actually the Camel cigarettes tuxedo-wearing mascot that bears a striking resemblance to Hov, but when you have primary resource evidence with attitude, you use it.  Got 99 problems, but a duq* ain’t one.

    *Duq: Somali for “old female camel.”

    6. Paul McCartney and the Tortoise

    How else can Macca’s longevity and endurance be explained than to say that he is the direct descendant of a long line of tortoises? The oldest known tortoise is said to be around 178 years old, and she’s still playing the hits for crowds of aging peace-and-lovers, too.

    7. Prince William and the Grey Seal

    Overbite? Check. Squint? Wave? Check, check. Ladies and gentlemen, a case-specific animal lookalike is confirmed! Convenient comparison aside, they also share the fact that they don’t serve much of a purpose and people take lots of pictures of them.

    8. Rachel Ray and the Chipmunk

    Chipper beyond measure, Rachel Ray deals in quick and easy family meals, and always dishes out her homemaking advice with an impossibly wide grin on her face. Fast like lightening, she moves around the kitchen foraging for ingredients and throwing them into a pot like so many nuts and berries. Uncanny.

    9. Wallace Shawn and the Sea Lion

    Wallace Shawn looks more like a sea lion now than ever, but this sea lion looks so much like Wallace Shawn of yesteryear, we can practically here it lisping, “INCONVEIVABLE!”

    10. Woody Allen as the Goat

    Every good Woody Allen comedy contains long scenes wherein his character (Alvy, Allan, Isaac, etc.) squabbles with the leading lady (usually played by Diane Keaton), attempting to win the argument about what? Insecurities? Lack of trust in others? Who else they’d rather be sleeping with? No matter what, it’s always a hilarious form of complaint that could only be described as bleating. Throw some specs on that goat, and it might as well be Woody in To Rome With Love.

  • Jimmy Buffett at Comerica Park!

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    I had an absolute blast at Jimmy Buffett this weekend!  THIS parothead is off to Indianapolis for round two on Tuesday night!



  • Drunk pigeons

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    Alcohol is the solution to all problems — even pesky pigeons

    9 hrs ago

    You can always count on those former Soviet nations to come up with innovative ways to do business. An official in the Ukraine city of Sumy has suggested a novel way to get rid of its pigeon population: get them drunk and ship them out of town. "Let’s give them wine-soaked bread and then deport them," said Alexei Movchan, a local political leader. The thinking was that the birds would wake up with a hangover and forget where they lived. Movchan came about with the idea as a way of saving the town's beloved statue of poet Taras Shevchenko from torrents of bird poop as officials prepare for City Day on September 2. Don’t they have BB guns in Ukraine? [Source]

  • Idol making small city stops

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    'American Idol'/FOX

    'American Idol' to Host Small-Town Tryouts

    Show plans stops in some smaller cities for its 12th season

    HELENA, Mont. (AP) -- "American Idol" plans stops in some smaller cities in search of singing talent for its 12th season.

    Bing: Is Randy leaving 'Idol'?

    The FOX television show's website says the new Small Town Audition Bus Tour is scheduled to make stops in Idaho Falls, Idaho; Billings, Mont.; and Casper, Wyo., as part of a 10-city tour that starts next month.

    The dates, times and locations are to be announced.

    Small town auditions also are scheduled in Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.

    More: How much will Mariah earn for 'Idol'?

    The show also is taking nominations for people who may not think of trying out, and it's accepting online video submissions for two weeks, starting Aug. 1.

  • $30 million could drop on Penn State today.

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    Penn State could get fined $30 million today


    Penn State has removed Joe Paterno's statue because of Jerry Sandusky's sex abuse scandal. The NCAA may fine Penn State $30 million today. How long should the football program be suspended if at all?