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  • Your dentist has a sweet tooth?

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    Sweet Tooth


    A survey by the Chicago Dental Society reveals that 80% of dentists steal candy from their children's Halloween bags. Other findings:

    - 10% of dentists start eating their Halloween candy before October 31st

    - 50% of dentists say they buy too much candy for Halloween


  • R.I.P Alex Karras

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    • Alex Karras former football hero for the Detroit Lions and star of Webster dies at 77

    • Karras was suffering from kidney failure and died at home in LA surrounded by family members

    • He played 13 seasons as a bruising defender for the Lions – missing only the 1963 season, when he was suspended for betting on his own team

    • Karras was best known, however, for his role on Webster, playing George Papadopoulos – the adoptive father of Emmanuel Lewis's title character – from 1983 until 1989


    Webster star Alex Karras, who began his career as a football hero for the Detroit Lions, has died, the Associated Press reports. He was 77. 

    Karras, who was suffering from kidney failure, died at home in Los Angeles surrounded by family members, including his wife, Susan Clark, the Canadian actress who also played his fictional wife on Webster, said Karras's attorney, Craig Mitnick 

    Lions president Tom Lewand released the following statement upon learning of Karras's deteriorating health: "The entire Detroit Lions family is deeply saddened to learn of the news regarding the condition of one of our all-time greats, Alex Karras. Perhaps no player in Lions history attained as much success and notoriety for what he did after his playing days as did Alex." 

    Born the fourth of six children to a doctor in Gary, Ind., Karras was an all-American at the University of Iowa and played 13 seasons as a bruising defender for the Lions – missing only the 1963 season, when he was suspended for betting on his own team. 

    He also worked occasionally as a professional wrestler in the '50s and '60s. 

    Karras got his first taste of acting by appearing as himself in the 1966 film version of George Plimpton's Paper Lion. Among his Hollywood roles, he appeared in Mel Brooks's Blazing Saddles in 1974 and notably played a closeted gay bodyguard in Victor Victoria in 1982. He was also a commentator for three seasons of Monday Night Football in the '70s. 

    Karras was best known, however, for his role on Webster, playing George Papadopoulos – the adoptive father of Emmanuel Lewis's title character – from 1983 until 1989. 

    Karras and Clark had one daughter, Katie, now 32. Karras's first marriage ended in divorce after 18 years and five children.

    Clark had never heard of Karras when they met on the set of Babe, a 1975 TV biopic movie about the athlete Babe Didrikson, in which Karras played her husband. 

    "People told me he was a sports superstar and one of the funniest men on TV," Clark told PEOPLE in 1979. "Then I met this large, rather shy man. He had a gaggle of big-bosomed stewardesses and very loud, small Greeks and Italians who trailed him like ducklings. There was no way I was going to get involved with a man who was in the middle of a divorce and had five children!" 

    But she came around. "Alex didn't come on like a macho Hollywood fantasy," Clark said in the same interview. "I'd had the playboys where you rush to the bathroom in the morning to get made up and swallow Listerine before he wakes up. You can't base a life on that. Alex has insight, he's sexy and intelligent, street smart. He is very moral, and his confidence is astounding to someone like me, who sometimes has lots and then none." 

    Karras suffered dementia and cancer in recent years, and was part of the mass concussion lawsuit that more than 3,000 former players have filed against the NFL.

    "He was a giant of a man with a big heart, a great sense of humor, and very grounded outlook on life," recalled actor Emmanuel Lewis, who played the role of Karras' munchkin-sized adoptive son, Webster, on the 1980s television sitcom of the same name. "He might have towered over you . . . but he had a knack of being able get down to your level without being small about it."

  • Share your favorite crock pot recipe!

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    • 4 pounds pork shoulder roast
    • 5 to 6 whole cloves
    • 3 tablespoons Irvine Spices Smokey Rotisserie Blend Seasoning
    • 2 red onions, thinly sliced
    • 2 cups water
    • 16 ounces barbeque sauce


    Stud the roast with cloves and rub with rotisserie blend. Place roast in crock pot or slow cooker and top with onions. Cover roast with water and slow cook for 8 to 10 hours. Remove pork, discard cloves and layer of fat as well as any water and grease remaining in pot. When pork is cool enough to handle, use a fork or your hands to shred and pull the meat apart. Return the meat to the crock pot along with the barbeque sauce. Heat for 1 to 2 hours. Serve on your favorite roll.

  • It's not just about Halloween.

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    Need a reason to celebrate this month? Look no further than the list below.


    The crisp autumn air of early October might not exactly scream “tacos,” but then again, why not? Skip the local fast food taqueria (unless, of course, they’re giving the tasty treats away), and go on a scavenger hunt for the best taco in your town. Or host a taco night for a couple of close friends. Tacos are nothing if not about bringing people closer together.


    In John Tenniel’s illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he drew a white slip from the cap of the Mad Hatter that read, “In this style 10/6.” What better reason do you need to set aside the sixth of October to hold a merry tea party, be a little foolish, and wear an oversized hat? Of course, if you’re European you may argue that these celebrations are more suitably held on the tenth of June. Cultural confusion—classic Mad Hatter.


    Our neighbors to the north have their own day of giving thanks for the harvest, and they beat us to the punch by nearly a month and a half. In the late 1950s, the Canadian government declared the second Monday in every October Thanksgiving day. Though it does not mark a specific gathering of two groups like the U.S. version, Canadian Thanksgiving offers a great excuse to gobble down a turkey dinner in the name of neighborly solidarity.


    Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, just stop and really let it out. We’re told you can hear the collective scream from space.


    proper nouns be damned! today capital is purely an economic asset. your middle school grammar teacher might balk at such a holiday, but the shift button on your keyboard will thank you for the day off.


    Getty images

    We certainly scratched our heads a few times about this one, because shouldn’t every day be global handwashing day? But an organization by the apropos name of The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap felt it necessary to create an entire day of awareness to spread the gospel of clean hands. Anyone can celebrate, and public health benefits. It’s a win-win.


    Word nerds rejoice! Today you may proudly pore over the pages of your Merriam-Webster and Oxford’s alike. Celebrate the holiday by learning 20 new words, and impress your peers and colleagues for life. Or at least for 20 minutes.


    We suspect that fellows unlucky in the facial hair-growing department might have something to do with this holiday. Regardless, if you are an offbeat holiday observer with facial hair, that chin strap has got to go. Those are the rules. A fresh start for your face could translate to a fresh start for your life. Which brings us to…


    This may seem better suited for post-New Years Eve, but get your existential ducks in a row early this year. Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to go? These are just a few questions to get you started down the actualization rabbit hole. By January 1, you’ll have it all worked out!


    Knowledge economy research and advisory firm Basex estimates that “a minimum of 28 billion hours is lost each year to Information Overload in the United States.” For example, trudging through 100 email messages can suck up half of your workday. Reduce the noise, starting today. The Information Overload Challenge suggests you send 10% fewer email messages beginning on—but not ending on—the 20th of October. For example, if you were going to email this post to 100 of your closest friends, instead email it to 90. (We won’t tell if you break the rule just this once.)


    This distant cousin of the Charcuterie family is far less pretentious in taste than its name might imply. Bologna has roots in Bologna, Italy, derived from a sausage made there called mortadella. These days, it’s more humble, and commonly associated with cheeses of the Kraft Singles variety. It also can be a colloquial expression meaning “full of it,” which you just might be after a holiday of eating lots of bologna.


    A legal holiday in Nevada, this day commemorates its entry into statehood and frontier roots. It became the official 36th state on October 31st, 1864. But, due to that pesky other holiday falling on the same date known as “Halloween,” state voters decided in 1999 to observe the holiday on the last Friday of every October with parades, concerts, balls, and a day off of work. For those Nevadan purists, 10/31 is still technically Nevada Day.


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    AKA the Devil’s Night or “Hell Night.” Halloween might yield some frightening costumes and even more frightening levels of high fructose corn syrup, but the night before is when the real (dark) magic happens. In the United States, teenage hooligans prowl their suburban streets with toilet paper, eggs, and, well, mischief in their hearts. Unless you enjoy a good prank, we suggest you stay inside and don’t answer the doorbell.

  • How do you like your eggs?

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    Personality Profile

    How you prefer your eggs reveals your personality ... personality profile from the British Egg Industry Council. Scientists surveyed 1,000 people and found:

    - poached egg eaters are outgoing

    - boiled egg lovers are disorganized

    - fried egg fans have a high sex drive

    - scrambled egg aficionados are guarded

    - omelette eaters are self-disciplined

  • Cowboy fans?

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    Bears vs Cowboys tonight.  These folks must be Cowboy fans!