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  • Annoying Christmas songs.

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    10 Worst Christmas Songs ... survey was conducted by Edison Media Research

    1. “Jingle Bells,” Singing Dogs

    2. “The Man With All the Toys,” Beach Boys

    3. “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” Spike Jones

    4. “Jingle Bells,” Barbra Streisand

    5. “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer,” Elmo and Patsy

    6. “O Holy Night,” Cartman

    7. “Blue Christmas,” Seymour Swine & the Squealers

    8. “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” Neil Diamond

    9. “Deck the Halls,” Mannheim Steamroller

    10. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” Little Jimmy Boyd

  • Cat photos

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    I thought since Aimee is sharing different cat pictures from the internet, I would post mine.  L to R Pacino, Newman

  • Gee, thanks for the gift, I guess!

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    8 Gifts Not To Give This Holiday from bankrate.com

    An appliance
    If the romance in your relationship has died, been buried and had the earth around the grave salted then go ahead and buy your significant other a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, beware.

    The partial gift 
    People have told stories of receiving half-eaten cakes, gift baskets with items clearly missing and partly used gift cards. But there's another partial gift to beware which is anything that obligates the recipient to come up with more money to use it.

    A nose-hair trimmer
    Men get a lot of lame gifts like ties, socks and underwear. But "lame" is so very much better than "insulting" because how else can you interpret a gadget that says, "Hey, I noticed that thatch growing out of your nostrils and it's high time you did something about it?"

    The 'improving' gift 
    Any gift that could possibly be construed as a criticism should be struck instantly from your list.

    The gift of exercise
    Gym memberships, Ab Rockets and Wii Fit games can be fabulous gifts for the already fit and already toned. For everyone else, they are "improving" gifts.

    A puppy 
    Don't give a puppy -- or a kitty or a bunny or any other adorable fuzzy creature that isn't stuffed.

    The generic gift
    Here's a guideline: If you could give a gift to any number of people, maybe it's not a good gift for any of them.

    The misleading box
    The box better match the present.

  • Big win!

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    Hey, look what I bourght with my wiinnings last night for my cubicle at work! LOL




  • Bad mood? Eat something on this list.

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    8 Foods That End Bad Moods from fitbie.com

    Mood-Boosting Food #1: Mussels Mussels are loaded with some of the highest naturally occurring levels of vitamin B12 on the planet—a nutrient that most of us are lacking.

    Mood-Boosting Food #2: Swiss Chard This leafy green is packed with magnesium—a nutrient essential for the biochemical reactions in the brain that increase your energy levels.

    Mood-Boosting Food #3: Blue Potatoes Blue potatoes aren't a common supermarket find, but they're worth looking out for on your next trip to the farmer's market. Blue spuds get their color from anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that provide neuro-protective benefits like bolstering short-term memory and reducing mood-killing inflammation.

    For more click here!

  • Price of 12 days..Not ALL are up!

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    12 Days of Xmas: Purchasing every item mentioned in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" will cost $107,300 in 2012. That's an increase of 6.1% over last year, according to PNC Wealth Management. Buying one set of the core items in each verse costs $24,431 in traditional stores this year, but $40,440 online.

    Here is the breakdown of the 364 items:

    — Partridge, $15; last year: same

    — Pear tree, $189.99; last year: $169.99

    — Two turtle doves, $125; last year: same

    — Three French hens, $165; last year: $150

    — Four calling birds (canaries), $519.96; last year: same

    — Five gold rings, $750; last year: $645

    — Six geese a-laying, $210; last year: $162

    — Seven swans a-swimming, $7,000; last year: $6,300

    — Eight maids a-milking, $58; last year: same

    — Nine ladies dancing (per performance), $6,294; last year: same

    — 10 lords a-leaping (per performance), $4,767; last year: same

    — 11 pipers piping (per performance), $2,562; last year: $2,428

    — 12 drummers drumming (per performance), $2,776; last year: $2,630

  • 8 Black Friday mistakes

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    Black Friday shopping has plenty of potential pitfalls. Your shoes might give you blisters. You could forget to bring a snack to eat while you wait in line. Or the item you are looking for could be sold out. These mistakes might be annoying, but there area some errors that can cost you money. We asked a roster of experts to tell us the biggest mistakes people make on Black Friday. You already have a to-do list. Here’s your don’t-do list.

    1. Paying full price for add-ons. Don’t undermine your savings by buying accessories like cables and batteries at list price, says Dan de Grandpre, CEO of DealNews.com. Stores display these items prominently and conveniently for a reason. Especially with electronics, the accessories you need to get are strictly commodities; one store’s isn’t going to be measurably different from another’s in quality. Yes, it’s a little more effort, but these are the kinds of items online shopping was invented for.

    2. Not bothering to comparison-shop. “One mistake is assuming that something in a store, simply because it’s on sale on Black Friday, is a good deal,” says Jim Wang, founder of the blog Bargaineering.com. “It might be a decent deal but you could do better going online.” In fact, it’s gotten easier to do the Black Friday sale experience without having to leave your house — or even wait until Friday. Many online retailers, along with some brick-and-mortar chains, are rolling out their holiday specials throughout this week. If you do hit the mall on Friday, though, most of our experts strongly suggested bringing a tablet or smartphone with a price-comparison app or two so you can make sure you’re getting the real-deal best deal.

    3. Buying toys too early — or too late. No matter what the ads say, you’re not going to get the best deals on toys on Black Friday, says de Grandpre. “Toys in general are almost always cheaper in the first two weeks of December,” he says. At mass-market stores that aren’t stocked with a huge supply of toys year-round, “Those toys have an expiration date. Those toys are not going to move after Christmas,” he says. But on the other hand, waiting until the last possible second isn’t the best tactic, either. “If you wait too long, five to seven days before Christmas, prices climb again because they’re getting the procrastinators,” he says.

    4. Getting the wrong features on a TV. TVs are a hugely popular Black Friday doorbuster, and Gary Merson, editor of TV blog HDGuru.com, says a lot of people make the mistake of trying to score the cheapest set they can without considering whether it meets their needs. On LCD or LED TVs, one feature is the refresh rate. Your choices are generally 60hz or 120hz, which refers to the number of times per second the picture changes. “120hz gives better motion resolution than 60hz, so that’s something people who watch sports or action movies should consider,” he says. Also, while manufacturers have been talking up 3D and smart TVs, the catch with 3D is that there’s very limited content available, Merson says. “Unless you’re into movies and have a 3D Blu-Ray player, then it’s probably not that big of a deal.” Smart TVs let you stream content from the Internet, but you can get the same result with a “dumb” TV and an external streaming device like Roku or Apple TV that costs a hundred bucks or less.

    5. Getting the timing wrong. Many of our experts pointed out that Black Friday actually starts at midnight or even earlier this year. Stores like Sears and Wal-Mart are rolling out doorbusters starting on Thanksgiving night, and many big chains are staggering the hours of their openings and their sales. If you’re bound and determined to get that dirt-cheap TV, make sure you’re not going to get there hours after they’ve sold out.

    6. Settling for something more expensive. This brings up another point about doorbusters. There are usually only a few of them, sometimes as few as two items per store. Wal-Mart instituted a guaranteed availability of some sale items this year, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. In other words, if you’re not reading this on a mobile device while shivering in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk outside the store by now, you’ve probably missed your chance. Stores don’t mind practically giving away a few things because they know most of the other people on line will want to get something for their time and numb toes, so they’ll sell lots of other stuff that isn’t the deal those shoppers were coming for. Don’t be one of those people.

    7. Opening a bunch of store credit cards. Yes, you’ll probably get 10% or 15% off. You may even get to cut a monstrous checkout line. But signing up for store cards left and right can leave you with a credit hangover that lasts well into the new year, says John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education at SmartCredit.com. The potential damage starts before you’ve even taken your bags out of the store. “Retail store inquiries are among the most damaging type for your credit scores and they can impact your scores for 12 months,” he says. The damage is cumulative and increases with each additional card you apply for. What’s more, store cards tend to have a combination of high APRs and low credit limits, which can catch you if you don’t pay off the whole balance by the due date or if you max it out. “Low limits are problematic for your scores because the cards can be heavily leveraged even with modest spending,” he says.

    8. Not reading the fine print on price-matching offers. “A popular move for top retailers such as Best Buy and Target in 2012 is their claimed price matching programs,” says Brad Wilson, founder of BlackFriday2012.com andBradsDeals.com. Even though some of these deals claim they’ll match prices of online retailers like Amazon, “the catch is that many of these items, electronics especially, now have a unique model number assigned to each retailer. For example, the exact same Toshiba 42″ LCD TV would have a unique model number, hence excluding it from any price match guarantee.”

  • Don't eat cracker jacks before bed!

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    • PepsiCo's Frito-Lay is putting some more pop in its Cracker Jacks -- with caffeine

    • A new line extension called "Cracker Jack'd" will hit stores soon, including a caffeinated variety called Power Bites that is drawing criticism from a health-advocacy group that fears the snack might make little Johnny a bit too hyper

    • Power Bites are expected to "contain approximately 70 mg of caffeine from coffee in each 2 oz. package"


    PepsiCo's Frito-Lay is putting some more pop in its Cracker Jacks.

    A new line extension called "Cracker Jack'd" will hit stores soon, including a caffeinated variety called Power Bites that is drawing criticism from a health-advocacy group that fears the snack might make little Johnny a bit too hyper.

    "Boxes of Cracker Jack are famous for having a toy surprise inside. But what parent suspects that Cracker Jack might come with a surprising dose of a mildly addictive stimulant drug?" the Center for Science in the Public Interest said Wednesday. CSPI, known for taking on big brands for a variety of reasons, charges that the planned snack violates federal food rules. "Caffeine is generally recognized as safe only in cola-type beverages and only at concentrations of 0.02% or less (about 72 mg per 12 oz.)," the organization saidin a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    A Frito-Lay spokesman told Ad Age that Power Bites will include "two flavors that will contain coffee, a natural source of caffeine, as an ingredient." He added: "We stand by the safety of all products in the Cracker Jack'd line, including those that contain coffee. It is worth pointing out the regulation referenced in CSPI's letter to FDA speaks to caffeine -- not coffee -- and is not an exhaustive list of the safe uses of caffeine in foods and beverages. Rather it represents one particular recognized safe use."

    While Frito-Lay is still finalizing the product, Power Bites are expected to "contain approximately 70 mg of caffeine from coffee in each 2 oz. package," he said.

    The line extension comes as Frito-Lay seeks to expand its lineup of premium and value brands -- which include Cracker Jacks -- to appeal to an increasingly bifurcated consumer group. The Jack'd lineup will include "a variety of products, including snack mixes [and] popcorn clusters" in addition to the Power Bites, the Frito-Lay spokesman said.

    The website nationwidecandy.com shows what potentially might be on the way.

    In a letter to PepsiCo executives, CSPI said "caffeine is a mildly addictive stimulant drug that is totally inappropriate to be included in foods consumed by children," noting that effects include "anxiety, restlessness, irritability, excitability and insomnia."

    The Frito-Lay spokesman said: "Cracker Jack'd is a product line specifically developed for adult consumers and will not be marketed to children. All marketing for the products will be exclusively aimed at adult consumers, and the package design and appearance are wholly different from Cracker Jack to ensure there is no confusion among consumers. The presence of coffee and the caffeine that comes with it is clearly called out on both the front and back of the package."

    CSPI also took issue with Kraft Foods Group's new Mio "energy" drink flavoring product, which contains caffeine, as well as Jelly Belly's "Extreme Sport Beans." Kraft markets Mio to young adults. Sport Beans target athletes.

    "Unless the FDA begins enforcing its regulations, I fear that we'll see caffeine being added to ever-more improbable drinks and snacks, putting children, unsuspecting pregnant women, and others at risk," CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson said in a statement. "How soon before we have caffeinated burgers, burritos or breakfast cereals?"

    A Kraft spokesman said: "We have carefully reviewed FDA requirements and believe our product is in compliance with current regulations for food ingredients. FDA is currently evaluating caffeine and has explained that they do not object to caffeine use in other beverages beyond colas. The caffeine level in our product is comparable to what is naturally found in coffee and tea."

  • Dead candidate wins Alabama election!

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     Dead candidate wins election in Alabama

    • Despite the fact that he passed away Republican Charles Beasley, 77,  defeated Democrat Walter Sansing for a seat on the Bibb County Commission

    • The ballots had been printed before Beasley’s death and couldn’t be changed in time


    If there’s any doubt how strong the GOP’s hold on Alabama is, consider this — a Republican nominee beat out the Democratic incumbent for a seat on the Bibb County Commission last week despite the fact that he died a month earlier. Congratulations, Alabama, on taking partisanship to a whole new level.

    Despite the fact that he passed away on Oct. 12th, 77-year-old Republican Charles Beasley defeated Democrat Walter Sansing by carrying approximately 52% of the vote. Apparently, ballots had been printed before Beasley’s death and couldn’t be changed in time.

    Beasley’s widow, Sarah, was understandably shocked. “Maybe it’s a respect thing,” she said. “Maybe there were some people out there who didn’t know. Also it may have been some were unsatisfied with his opponent.”

    Still, Beasley’s widow said the win is a fitting tribute to her deceased husband, who was looking forward to filling the local county commission seat. “He was excited,” she said. “He loved it. He just loved being involved.”

    But Sansing had a different take on the election and thinks the win was purely due to the Republican stranglehold on the state. “It is a touchy situation. When you are running against a dead man, you are limited as to what you can say,” he said.

    Beasley’s seat isn’t expected to go vacant for long. The local GOP is preparing to make a recommendation to Governor Robert Bentley, who will then appoint a new commissioner.


  • I hope this shows up on I96 soon!

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    • The Eatwave vending machine nukes your food for you

    • It’s your typical refrigerated vending machine, but the microwave is built directly into the machine

    • You buy your food, it drops, it nukes, and it pops out ready for you to burn your tongue on


    If you’re at work, you’ve forgotten your lunch, and you can’t afford to go out for it, you’ll be faced with eating from the vending machine. While there’s nothing wrong with frozen food, it does kind of stink that you’ll be stuck having to waste time nuking it.

    eatwave 309x173 The Eatwave vending machine nukes your Hot Pockets for you


    Technology that caters to our laziness to the rescue!

    The Eatwave vending machine is fairly simple. It’s your typical refrigerated vending machine, like you’ve seen at your job, but the microwave is built directly into the machine. You buy your food, it drops, it nukes, and it pops out ready for you to burn your tongue on.

    Granted that throwing something into the microwave and pressing a few buttons was never complicated, but this might be useful in places that don’t want a publicly accessible microwave around, such as airports. It also lets some places save space.

    And if nothing else, petition hard enough for this thing and you will never, ever have to clean your office’s disgusting microwave after Tammy from Accounting nukes her chili without a paper towel over it ever again.