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  • 10 things a man should never say to his wife

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    Whoever wrote the wedding vows got it all wrong. It should be love, honor, and eye roll.

    If you've been married more than a month, you know what I'm talking about. It's those little moments when he actually thinks he's being smart, sincere, witty, or helpful, but in reality it's just downright annoying.

    Here are some of the comments that make women question how good a catch they've got:

    1.    "Are you gonna wear Spanx with that?" While honesty is generally the best policy, your wife does not want to know that you know she wears a body shaper. Find some other way to delicately point out the pudge.


    2.    "Okay, I'll babysit." How many times do we have to tell you, it's not babysitting if they are your own kids.

    3.    "Whoever makes more money should do less housework." Who are you, Don Draper? The Mad Men era ended, like, 50 years ago so grab a broom.

    4.    "Don't worry, it'll grow back." After a bad haircut, those are the least soothing words you can say. Just come up with something you like about the new look.


    5.    "Why don't you ever wear stuff like that?" For most moms, the days of daisy dukes and mini skirts are long gone. Comparing us to the rare mommy who still has the nerve to slip on skimpy outfits will only get you in trouble.

    6.    "But I changed a diaper this morning." Yeah, and guess how many times your darling daughter has peed since then. Your turn!

    7.    "Really, how much harder would another kid be?" Of course the person who does the least amount of cooking, cleaning, and nurturing would think adding to the brood was no big deal. Let's see if you feel that way after playing Mr. Mom for week.


    8.    "You've turned into your mother." It's a reality no woman is ever ready or willing to face, whether it's true or not.


    9.    "Wow, your best friend looks EXACTLY the same as she did in high school!" Implicit in that is your wife doesn't. It's better for you to gawk in secret.


    10.    "I can't find my..." Let's get real. You can't find it because you didn't look that hard.

  • Donna Summer dies at 63

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    Donna Summer has died of cancer at age 63. A very talented lady who will certainly be missed. She beat out the Bee Gees for "Most successful act of 1979." You couldn't get away from her music on the radio or in the clubs. Sad news, indeed.



  • I want more fish!

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    Wow, well at least fish is low carb and low fat, but still, go to the store and get your own man.


  • Today's Gas Savings Tip Of The Day!

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    Remove junk from the trunk. One of the easiest ways to save on gas is to get the junk out of the trunk. Take a few minutes to determine what you need to carry around and chuck the rest. The lighter your car, the less work your engine has to do. The FTC estimates that an additional 100 pounds in the trunk can decrease fuel economy by up to 2 percent.

  • Get in good with the boss!

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    10 Habits Bosses Love from monster.com

    Acknowledge What the Boss Says
    Bosses appreciate responsive listening. When your boss asks you to do something or suggests ways for you to improve your work, let her know you heard.

    When your boss has a new idea, respond to it in a constructive way instead of throwing up roadblocks. Be willing to brainstorm ways to get something done.

    Build Relationships
    You'll make your boss look good if you establish a good rapport with your department's customers, whether they're inside the company or outside. Bring back what you learn -- about ways to offer better customer service, for example -- to your boss. This is also helpful for your own career development.

    Understand How You Fit In
    Is your boss detail-oriented, or someone who keeps his head in the clouds? The boss's personality is just incredibly important. Equally important is understanding what your boss wants in an employee. It may be, for example, that a boss who is detail-oriented will expect his employees to be as well. But a boss who has no time for details may actually appreciate an employee who does.

    Learn the Boss's Pet Peeves
    If your manager has said repeatedly that she hates being interrupted first thing in the morning, don't run to her office to give her a project update when you first get in. Anticipate the Boss's Needs Once you have worked with your boss for a while, you should be able to guess what information he will want before approving your purchase order, for example. If you provide it ahead of time, "that's a gold star."

    Think One Level Up
    You still need to do your own job, of course. But when managers consider who deserves a promotion, they look for people who understand the issues that their bosses face.

    Open Yourself to New Ways of Doing Things
    When your boss comes to you with a new idea, don't simply dismiss it. If you don't think it will work, offer to discuss it further in "a mature, responsible, adult-like way"

    Be Engaged in Your Work
    Arguing with your boss over every request is not a good strategy, but neither is simply shrugging your shoulders and agreeing with everything your boss says. The manager would like to see an engaged individual. That means both showing enthusiasm for your work and speaking up when you see room for improvement.

  • The future of driving?

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    The Brave New World of Driverless Cars

    No more asking for directions.  Go ahead and eat that cheeseburger with no distractions!  It still doesn't sound like any fun to me.  I'm thinking I might as well take the bus.  

    COMMENTARY | A technology that offers to change the world is quietly sneaking up on us. Google, usually associated with Internet search engines, is testing a diverless car, according to the BBC.Nevada is the first state to approve them.

    driverless car would be able to navigate down roads and city streets using GPS technology, radar, and computers with software that can actually read street signs according to CNN. They would be safer than human driven cars because there would be no possibility of human error. Driverless cars would not tail gate, cut one off, or exceed the speed limit. Accidents as the result of drunk driving, distracted driving, or any other reason would become a thing of the past. Traffic jams would be alleviated as driverless cars, communicating with one another, could drive bumper to bumper at highway speeds.

    Driverless cars would provide more mobility to the disabled and the elderly. People who, for health reasons, cannot drive a car could take a driverless car to a destination.

    Of course a world with driverless cars has a number of consequences

    Driverless cars would likely make taxi services and mass transit obsolete. Even if one did not own a car, one could lease one for a trip and not have to pay cab fare or be bound to a bus or train system. This would have remarkable effects on urban planning, not to mention the cost of mass transit. A subsidy for renting a diverless car for the poor may replace money spent on mass transit as a government benefit.

    Driverless cars would also compete with short haul airliners and would make the dream of high speed rail obsolete. Why put up with airline security or spend tens of billions on rail lines when one can relax in the comfort of a driverless car on a road trip between cities, napping, doing work, reading, surfing the Internet, or watching a movie?

    Another effect will be a drastic reduction in insurance premiums, according to a piece in Insurance and Technology. If driverless cars greatly reduce the number and severity of automobile accidents, then the cost of auto insurance will drop as well. There will also be a reduction in health care costs as the numbers of mangled drivers and passengers who have to go to the emergency room are reduced as well.

  • Worst baseball fans ever!

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    Sports fans and TV analysts were outraged when a pair of Texas Rangers fans grabbed a foul ball even as a little boy’s father was trying to snatch it for his son. But the couple claims they had no idea someone else was going for the ball.


    The camera stays on the child as he erupts into tears, while the man who caught the ball and his female companion are all smiles, posing with the ball and laughing, seemingly oblivious to the distraught child sitting right next to them.