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  • Stuffed burgers on the grill

    Posted by Fitz

    I don't think Adam from Man vs Food  could even eat two of the burgers I put on the grill last night!  Anyone can melt some cheese on top and call it good.  I prefer my burgers stuffed with cheese   mushrooms and hot sauce!  I also kicked them up a notch by kneading in garlic salt, Italian & Cajun seasoning rub. Make a top and bottom with your hamburger patty and simply put your favorite cheeses, bacon, mushrooms etc..in the middle and form together.  These were huge, so be prepared to grill just a little longer.  Mine worked out to be about 8 minutes a side.  

  • Fire up your summer ribs!

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    It's time to do a rack of baby back ribs, so here is my plan.  On Saturday, I plan to do the prep work.  I will peel back the membrane  because it tends to keep the smoke and spices out.  I will put a thin layer of spicy mustard over the ribs and than add my favorite rib rub. Here is one that I found on Food Network  that I like too.  Just find yours and be very liberal with it and cover the entire rack.  I wrap in foil with some pickle juice and put in the fridge overnight.  Next day, fire up my coals and get my grill to a temperature of 275 degrees.  I put the rack on indirect heat for two hours.  I'll take the ribs off at that point and wrap in foil and this time pour apple juice in the foil with the ribs and put back on the grill for another 2 1/2 hours.  They always come out perfect.  They fall off the bone when you bite into them, not when you pick them up with the tongs.  

  • A majority of people approve of the Washington Redskins’ name.

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    A majority of people approve of the Washington Redskins’ name. 

    A poll found nearly four in five Americans (79%) do NOT think the team should change its name.  Only 11% think it should be changed while 8% weren't sure (2% didn't answer).

    The team's nickname has faced some criticism of late for being offensive to Native Americans.  One DC politician earlier this week said they should change the name to Redtails. 

  • So is it okay to eat later at night?

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    Eating at night doesn't always make you fat. In fact, new research shows there are benefits, including bigger muscles and a faster up metabolism.

    1. More Muscle--Scientists found that consuming casein (the dominating protein in milk) after an evening workout and 30 minutes before sleep increased protein synthesis in men. 2. Faster Metabolism--A study found that when fit men eat a 150-calorie nighttime snack consisting of protein or carbohydrates, they have a higher resting metabolic rate in the morning than when they don’t eat anything before bed.

    3. Less Hunger--Having a snack before bed can leave you less hungry in the morning and between meals the next day. The type of food didn't matter, but emphasizing protein is smart because it helps you build muscle.

    4. Lower Weight--Having cereal can be a great way to end the day. People who ate cereal before bed lost 2 pounds in 4 weeks, while people who didn’t have the cereal lost about a half pound.


    Here is the story!

  • That's a few "Moon's over my Hammy"!

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    A Florida couple with only $8 tried to get other customer’s at Denny’s to help them pay their $34.00 dinner bill.

    They ordered meals “which they both were served and did devour,” but when the bill came they couldn’t pay it.

    The couple only had $8 in cash and no credit or debit cards.

    When the manager confronted them they became “loud and boisterous” and threatened the staff and other customers before asking them to help them pay.

    When cops showed up the couple were trying to leave. They caught them with two sets of utensils in their pockets.


    Story here!

  • Man sees military sticker and pays it forward.

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    A woman found an envelope taped to her car.

    Inside was $40 in cash and a note that said: “I noticed the sticker on your car. Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving: him deployed and you for waiting.”

    The note was signed “United States Veteran” and “God Bless”.

    The woman was so touched she snapped a picture of it - and it has since gone viral on Facebook.

    After sharing the picture with her deployed boyfriend, he said he was also touched and intended to pay the kindness forward.



  • 100 % chance for tears of joy!

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    A TV anchor broke the news of her own engagement live on air when her boyfriend hijacked the teleprompter during a weekend news bulletin.

    The anchor for an Alabama news station, was told by her producer that there was a breaking news story and she needed to read what was written on the screen in front of her.

    But mid-way through the "breaking news" she realized that she was reading her own wedding proposal live on air.

    She started laughing, then weeping, as her fiance walked on set and her co-workers left them to their moment.

    She said yes.