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Aimee's 2014 Goals

by Aimee Sedik

So I have decided that for myself, resolutions don't work.  I don't like that starting at a certain date and time, I must change things about myself.  I fail every year at the resolutions.  Something that will work for me instead, are goals. 

Yes, it could be argued these are two of the same thing, but for my mentality, to say I have goals to achieve seems more manageable.  I like goals.  I love working towards something and seeing the result.  Goals are something that you can maintain throughout a year to cultivate the end result you want.

Resolutions to me have always been something that starts....NOW!  You must make this change, you must do it now and must think about doing it all the time.  I feel like this pressure is why gyms get soo busy Jan 1 and start to return to normal volume by March.  Resolutions make it feel like the change must happen immediately, and that just sets the stage for failure.

This year, my goals are simple:
*    I want to be healthier.  This includes dropping some weight, making smarter choices with my food but not dieting, and by moving more!  With a 20 month old, I don't anticipate that more movement will be an issue.
*    I want to get the house organized.  We have a spacious house, and it's feeling more like our old apartment space-wise everyday.  Time to get myself up and get the house into the shape I want it to be.  I know I will not have the a lot of time or funds to paint, recarpet or do major renovations BUT I can get the house in the shape and cleanliness state it deserves.  And, we as a family deserve.  A place for everything that allows our stuff to be more accessible and easier for us to use.
*     My last goal is to become better with laundry.  I hate the laundry the most as far as household chores go.  Right now, I will do laundry multiple times a week,  I will even fold it.  But, then it sits.  It sits there sometimes until the next round of laundry is completed and I need the basket again.  So I am going to try and be better about putting the laundry away after each session instead of letting it sit in baskets.

What will you be working towards in 2014?